August 2018 Community Showcase

Here’s a look at Tyria on a lovely summer day by Akkee Artist.


What a great guildie portrait by karendrawssometimes!


Artist brighan tells us this piece recounts that happy moment “when Mother says you can be a ranger and take care of the puppies.”


Lilith Moonmist created a stunning image of a human guardian and her griffon.


This noble charr seems to have found just the right portrait artist in ametatdraws.


It’s great to compare the sketch and colored image of a “mordremvari” by Leiden Sygom.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these compositions as much as we enjoyed presenting them. It’s always a thrill to show off some of the amazing works of art and imagination that players from around the world create and share with us.

If you’re an artist, crafter, or maker of Guild Wars 2–related creations of any kind, please consider sharing your work on the official Guild Wars 2 Tumblr (easy submission guidelines here) or in our official Community Creations subforum.

The next episode of Community Showcase Live will air in October. (You can catch the August show here.) Watch this space, our social media channels, and our official forums for the date of our upcoming Halloween-themed show. See you then!

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