Bandit Sniper Appearance Pack and Mini Sabetha

Spirit Vale is the talk of Lion’s Arch—both the tragedy and the heroic ongoing rescue efforts! Here at the Black Lion Trading Company, we want to do our part in helping raise awareness of the dangers of the Forsaken Thicket.

  • Bandit Sniper Appearance Pack

    Fearsome killer looks and a commemorative glider—what could be better? This pack contains a bandit sniper outfit replicating the deadly marksman’s appearance. We’ve also crafted a new glider to commemorate the souls of the fallen around the fearsome Gorseval. But rest in peace; no actual souls were harmed to make our gliders. This also marks the second opportunity to claim an Immortal weapon skin of your choice!

  • Mini Sabetha

    Reconstructed from a Lionguard sketch, this miniature will be a constant reminder of the fearsome bandit leader currently at the top of Tyria’s Most Wanted.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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