Join us on Wednesday this week for a special edition of Ready Up

Do you remember the teaser we put out on the episode 25 of Ready Up? It’s time to find out what it was all about! Join Competitive Events Manager Joshua “Grouch” Davis and PvP Gameplay programmer Evan Lesh as they talk about (and show off) the upcoming changes to PvP.

You can find us on the Guild Wars 2Twitch channel this Wednesday, November 26, at 12:00pm PST (19:00 UTC). Note the date change because of Thanksgiving holidays: Wednesday instead of Friday!

Points of Interest

Last week’s episode of Points of Interest featured a visit from Teddy Nguyen and Peter Fries to dig into the making of Tangled Paths, and our first official edition of PvP 101 from Hugh Norfolk. We also shared some insight into the character of Canach straight from John DiMaggio, the voice of Canach. If you missed the live show, we’ve got it available now on YouTube!

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