July 2018 Community Showcase

With the release of the latest Living World episode, “Long Live the Lich,” a number of players have had a chance to experience the amazing roller beetle mount. And, as you might expect, creative folks have gone wild in creating some very cool art.

So let’s consider this month’s Community Showcase an opportunity for a theme, with these examples—and many others on our official forums and Tumblr—showing a lot of love for our friend Petey!

commanderyes is pretty excited about their beetle bike friend!


Chaz Targrin’s charr seems a little awed by the roller beetle acceleration.


Look at these great portraits and sketches by artkitt-creations!



Novakric enjoyed some sick tricks on their new mount.


Graspingdark says their Commander goes really fast.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these compositions as much as we enjoyed presenting them. It’s always a thrill to show off some of the amazing works of art and imagination that players from around the world create and share with us.

If you’re an artist, crafter, or maker of Guild Wars 2–related creations of any kind, please consider sharing your work on the official Guild Wars 2 Tumblr (easy submission guidelines here) or in our official Community Creations subforum.

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