Lord Caudecus’s Sword and Pistol, and Noble’s Folly Pass

Haven’t you heard? Southsun Cove was last year’s deadly, elite vacation destination. This summer, everyone’s tripping over themselves to get to the Heart of Maguuma. Some folks I know even managed to swing a discount trip, but I’ll be right here in Lion’s Arch—my flaming money built these walls, and I’m staying behind them.

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    Lord Caudecus’s Sword and Pistol

    I’ve convinced a Divinity’s Reach artisan to replicate the pistol and rapier she designed for Caudecus Beetlestone. Seems like it’s not considered prestigious anymore to have done bespoke work just for him. I wonder why?

  • Noble’s Folly Pass

    Rough it in style! Now you can play jungle explorer from the relative safety of this slice of paradise. It’s a fully authentic experience, if you don’t count the amenities. You’ll need to be cleared for travel to the Heart of Maguuma to enter the camp, so make sure your paperwork is in order. Stay for two weeks or purchase a lifetime pass.

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

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