Lord Faren’s Rapier and Chickenado Finisher in the Gem Store!

After many trying months of working closely with Lord Faren, we’ve finally replicated his finely crafted blade. Ever the perfectionist, he wasn’t satisfied until the sword was exact. Now, we’re proud to present this noble’s rapier to you! We felt that the only way to truly honor such a valiant warrior’s sword would be to simultaneously release a chicken-themed finisher. And so, we also present the Chickenado Finisher!

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    Chickenado Finisher

    This swirling whirlwind of chaotic chicken absurdity is available for you to inflict upon your defeated foes. Distract and intimidate your foes with insanity!

  • Lord Faren’s Rapier

    For all fancy fighters who’re looking for finesse over strength, we have a blade to satisfy your desires. Lord Faren’s Rapier is a finely honed and crafted one-handed sword skin. No small details were forgotten with this blade!

  • Available Now in the Gem Store!

    Log into Guild Wars 2 and press ‘O’ to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!

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