May 2018 Community Showcase

It was a pleasure hosting April’s Community Showcase Live about Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire™ along with our terrific dev guest, Tracey West. You can watch the video here:

[embedded content]

This month, we’re looking at more marvelous creations by our community of players. Check these out!

I love the feeling of camaraderie in this dual portrait by laith-steelfang.


In this action image, mattlaraart captures an intense battle between a mighty norn and a number of those pesky Sons of Svanir.


Aei-sb has been turning out a lot of impressive commissions lately.


This Knight of Balthazar is beautifully envisioned by lareakei.


Turning to a lighter tone, one of our favorite video artists, Sugarwraith, creator of the fantastic Life on Tyria series, fashioned a new video called GW2 Lore: The Springer Mount. The video shares theories about the background of the springer and contains many lovely images of this popular companion.

[embedded content]

I hope you enjoyed seeing these creations as much as we enjoyed presenting them. It’s always a thrill to show off some of the amazing works of art and imagination that players from around the world create and share with us. We’ll be back in June with another Community Showcase livestream; we’ll give the date for that show in the next edition of this blog.

If you’re an artist, crafter, or maker of Guild Wars 2;–related creations of any kind, please consider sharing on the official Guild Wars 2 Tumblr (easy submission guidelines here) or on our official Community Creations subforum.

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