Mysterious Etchings Chest and Shifting Sand Mining Pick

We’ve made some quality-of-life changes to unlimited-use gathering tools! Tools with unique appearances now unlock a skin in your wardrobe, and you can swap bonus effects between tools with new upgrade components called glyphs. To learn all about gathering tool skins, glyphs, and bonus gathering effects, check out today’s blog post.

If your account has been upgraded with a Guild Wars 2 expansion or core game purchase, stop by the Gem Store to pick up a free Black Lion Glyph Selection Container! You can use it to choose one of four account-bound glyphs.

Shifting Sand Mining Pick


Conjure a mystical sandstorm every time you strike ore with this unlimited mining pick. It contains an account-bound Glyph of Bounty, which you can apply to any gathering tool for a 33% chance at an extra gathering strike.

Mysterious Etchings Chest

We’ve updated Black Lion Chests with a new assortment of items, only some of which require regular care and feeding. You now have a chance to find a Jormag Dye Kit, skins from the Glittering Weapon Collection and Chaos Weapon Collection, brand-new glyphs for your gathering tools, and more.

Guaranteed Seasonal Item—Mini Red Griffon Hatchling


Collect a nest full of colorful baby griffons by combining these miniatures with Unidentified Dyes in the Mystic Forge. Discourage finger nipping while they’re the size of a backpack, because it’ll be a lot less cute once they’re big enough to dive-bomb Forged raiding parties.

Exclusive Item—Celestial Compass Skin


If you’re shooting for the stars, make sure to orient yourself properly. This ancient focus is now available as an uncommon drop from Black Lion Chests.

Inquest Mark II Weapon Collection


Black Lion Weapons Specialists are offering high-tech weapon skins in exchange for Black Lion Claim Tickets. We trust you to use them more responsibly than the Inquest would.

In and Out

For a limited time, sets of Unbreakable Gathering Tools are 25% off! The Consortium Harvesting Sickle and Super Adventure Logging Bear are also back in stock.

It’s your last week to pick up the original Mount Adoption License before the Black Lion Stables close applications for the season.

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