New Lunar Knights homepage

During the night it would seem that some skritt got together and had a bit of fun with our website. They mentioned something about a drunken quaggan party that messed up a lot of things. They ran the quaggan off and – as you may know – when skritt get together, they collective intelligence vastly improves. Okay, so that’s not what really happened though I think it sounded good. I mean, it was a good start to this news, wasn’t it?

What really happened was, during the night I spent several hours (about six or more) getting everything converted to this new homepage for the guild. All the same old features and posts from before are still here. I still have a bit of work to do however the bulk of it has been completed.

But wait, there’s more! I’ve also converted the forums over to a better looking theme to match what we see here! Now, I’m not that great with graphics. However, working with HTML5 and CSS is a bit easier for me to do to an extent. So there’s a lot of shiny looking new things – that probably would please the skritt or Toshar, he likes shiny things – on both our homepage and on the forums.

Now, I need a little bit of help from everyone. It’s pretty simple and straightforward. If you encounter any issues, take a screenshot, provide a link, and give me steps to try and reproduce it. It’s actually very simple to do and can help benefit everyone!

The only other thing that I could really ask is that people continue to show their support. You can support the guild by being active on Mumble, representing in game, running missions and events with us, and more.

However, one of the big things you can do to help support the guild is to donate. Donating allows everyone to benefit in a continuously improving community. It also allows me to keep things like the Mumble server, domain names, and other behind the scenes perks going for the guild.

If you’d like to make a donation, simply click this donation link which will take you to my website, Lunarsoft.

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