Player vs. Player 2v2 Tournament Week is Coming Soon


Starting on November 26, pair up for a week of extra tournaments in structured Player vs. Player! We’re giving away 4,200 gems per region, for a total of 8,400—each player on a winning 2v2 team will receive 1000 gems for first place, 700 gems for second place, and 400 gems for third and fourth place.

2v2 Tournament Week

Date and Time: November 26 to December 1


  • Daily 2v2 tournaments, four times per day (offset from regular 5v5 tournaments).
  • Saturday, December 1st—Main event! Final 2v2 tournament.


  • Take advantage of extra opportunities to grab tournament rewards.
  • First through fourth-place winners in the final tournament will receive gems.
  • Win the final tournament, and you and your BFF can earn the “Duo of Destiny” title. It’s better than friendship bracelets!

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