PvP League on Guild Chat

Join host Rubi Bayer along with Hugh Norfolk and Jessica Boettiger for the next episode of Guild Chat on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel, and learn more about the PvP League!

Don’t miss our newest show, On Point, right after each Friday’s Guild Chat. Shoutcasters Jebro and Heurix will recap the week’s Pro League matches for both North American and European leagues, break down key moments in league play, and discuss changes in the meta and strategy as the competitive season progresses. The show will also regularly feature top players from the Pro League giving insight on high-level play and the hottest new builds.

We’ll be hosting Aurora_peachy, Bogotter, and Mightyteapot starting at 10:30 AM Pacific Time (UTC-8) before the show, and Reyana_ATac and Gladomer after the show.

Guild Chat and On Point will air on December 4 at noon Pacific Time (UTC-8).

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