The Herald on Points of Interest: A Summary

On the latest episode of the Points of Interest livestream, host Rubi Bayer sat down with Game Designer Roy Cronacher to talk about the revenant’s newly announced elite specialization, the herald. Heralds channel the power of the dragon Glint, who wrote the Flameseeker Prophecies that shaped the story of the Prophecies® campaign in the original Guild Wars®. Glint’s legacy continues in Guild Wars 2; even after her death, she is loved and venerated by the nomadic Zephyrites.

Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ beta testing feedback has led to big changes for the revenant profession, Roy explained. Skills that cause a character to enter into the Mists have been updated to provide evasion so that characters don’t get killed while locked into the animations, and sword damage will be boosted. Some skills have also been tweaked to better fit the legends they correspond to. Roy said that the development team will continue to improve the revenant throughout beta testing, so make sure to offer your feedback! You can also read the full list of changes to the revenant profession in Roy’s forum post.

The herald specializes in support through boons and enhancements and is designed to provide a solid second choice to complement any of the other legends. Pairing the herald with the Ventari legend helps bolster support, while using it alongside the somewhat fragile Shiro legend lends it some handy survivability.

Roy demonstrated the herald’s battle prowess using a hammer, a main-hand sword, and the elite specialization’s signature weapon unlock, the shield. Rubi pointed out that if you want to keep in tune with the herald’s theme, the legendary Flameseeker Prophecies shield is based on Glint’s history!

Roy said that the revenant is the squishiest of the three heavily armored professions and that it’s important to carefully manage its energy gain and output so that it doesn’t end up short of options. This is especially important when using the herald’s facet skills, which drain energy as they’re used.

For all the details on how the herald plays, check out Roy’s blog post.

Rubi also spotlighted a new feature on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki that will make it easier than ever to contribute your knowledge and compile information. By clicking the “leave article feedback” tab at the top of any page, you can offer information and pictures without having to worry about formatting or learning wiki markup language. Wiki editors will add the information to the page.

If you missed the episode, you can watch a recording below!

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