The May Unity Gaming Org 5v5 PvP Tournament


The Unity Gaming Organisation is proud to bring you the next North American and European regional 5v5 Conquest Tournaments! Tune in on Twitch and sign up to get involved in an awesome community run event.

We crowned Rank 55 Dragons as Champions for both EU and NA regions this past April, and these NA and EU regional tournaments will show who can craft builds and adjust to a possible new meta after the recent balance update.

North American Tournament

European Tournament

As the tournament progresses, we’ll issue polls to let you, the viewer, decide which games you want to watch.

Sign Up

We’ve left sign-ups open until the day of each tournament, and we encourage you to get involved.

NA tournament sign-ups will be open until 11:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) on May 20.

EU tournament sign-ups will be open until 6:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7) on June 3.

You can also find all of the tournament rules at the links above. Profession stacking is allowed in this tournament! Team composition may include up to three players of a single profession, but only one player of each specialization. For example, you can bring one berserker, one spellbreaker, and one core warrior.

NA vs. EU continues to be a tightly fought matchup, and we look forward to seeing the outcome. NA and EU players are also creating mixed-region teams, which are proving to be very formidable. Could they sneak into the finals this time around?

Check out our thread on the official Guild Wars 2 forums (English-language only), or join our official UGO Discord channel. All teams and free agents must use the UGO Discord channel to communicate with the tournament organisers.


The UGO has teamed up with to offer a minimum prize pool of $100 USD per region. We’ve raised thousands of dollars to award to first- and second-place tournament winners since the summer of last year!

You can use a free donation code to add $1 to the prize pool at no cost to you: simply click the tournament links below and sign in via your preferred method. Enter the appropriate coupon code where the crowd funded prize pool is displayed, and click “Contribute.” You can also make a direct donation to the overall cash prize.

Below are the donation links for each region:

North America

  • Free $1 USD donation code: NAUGO7


  • Free $1 USD donation code: EUUGO7

If we reach the 8-team sign-up limit per region, additional prizing will be available. We have also added an option to contribute towards a fourth prize spot.

  • First: 2,000 gems per player (donated by ArenaNet)
  • Second: 800 gems per player (donated by ArenaNet)
  • Third: 100 gold per player (donated by the player community)
  • Fourth: 50 gold per player (donated by the player community)

Gold donations are greatly appreciated, and essential to providing third- and fourth-place prizes. If you would like to contribute to the gold prize fund for NA and or EU, please send your donation to jebro.6370 or jebb.6819 using Guild Wars 2‘s in-game mail.

Join us for round two of the UGO 5v5 PvP Tournaments, and find out who will be victorious!

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