The Social (Media) Side of Guild Wars 2

Hi! I’m Rubi Bayer, ArenaNet’s Social Media Coordinator. The Guild Wars 2 social media outlets are a big part of our interaction with all of you, so I’d like to talk a bit about what you’ll find when you join this side of our community.

Our Facebook page is largely a place to see what’s happening in Guild Wars 2 and with your fellow community members. This is where we talk to you – and more importantly, where you to talk to us –about what the Guild Wars 2 community is doing both in and out of game.

The Guild Wars 2 community is a talented and creative one, constantly creating great Guild Wars 2 videos, cosplay, jewelry, digital art, and much more. We’re proud to feature our fans’ work here on Facebook, so if you find something that our community would enjoy, please visit our Facebook page to share it.

You’ll also find news of in-game events created by our community. Guilds and individuals are always organizing celebrations as well as map tours and gameplay groups to help one another. If you know of an upcoming in-game event that we should pass on to the community, here’s how to let us know.

Finally, with releases coming to Guild Wars 2 every two weeks, we have a lot of official information to share on Facebook. You’ll find links to release guides, livestreams, and blog posts to help you stay up-to-date on what’s new in Guild Wars 2.

Have you been joining us for the Guild Wars 2 Developer Livestreams on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel? Our developers do livestream events every Friday afternoon, and every two weeks we offer an additional livestream to preview the newest Guild Wars 2 updates. You can follow our channel to be notified of our latest livestream events.

Looking for something else? You can follow us on Twitter for news on game updates and maintenance, links to Guild Wars 2 articles from our friends on fansites and in the media, information on sales in the Black Lion Trading Company, and quick answers to common questions.

We enjoy hearing about your experiences, group events, and victories in Guild Wars 2, so don’t be shy about tweeting to us to let us know about a great gameplay experience or share a screenshot. You never know, we may even pass it on to the rest of the Guild Wars 2 community.

If you’re having a problem with your game or account, we are here to help you. You can check our support forums or contact support directly.

You’ll find the Guild Wars 2 community to be welcoming, friendly, and happy to include you, so jump right in to join the discussion!

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