Watch the Guild Wars 2 Oath Video

The Great MMO Migration Contest has ended! Thank you to everyone who participated. We’ll be welcoming the winners of the contest to Tyria with a free copy of Guild Wars 2 soon via email.

During the contest, gamers from all over the world sent in videos of themselves reading the Guild Wars 2 Oath in public. The Oath was a “Mad Lib” style pledge that required people to fill in the blanks with words of their choosing:

I, name, renounce adjective games and pledge my allegiance to Guild Wars 2. I likewise declare my freedom from adjective subscription fees! That I turn my back forever on noun which is/are totally adjective. That I will take up arms to defend the noun and crush evil with my noun. I take this oath toGuild Wars 2 freely, without noun because I am adjective.

People got really creative with the Guild Wars 2 Oath, as you’ll see in the highlight reel of some of the videos we enjoyed the most. Take a look!

Check out our YouTube playlist of the Great MMO Migration Contest videos here.

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