Watch the Guild Wars 2 World Championship Qualifier

On August 6 and 7, the best teams in the Guild Wars 2 Pro League will clash to earn a place in the World Championship. Europe and North America will each send six teams to the battlefield, and the top three from each region will compete for the championship title on September 17, at ESL Studios in Burbank, California. Be sure to tune in and support your favorite team!

Shoutcasters Joe “Storm” Nowasell, Daniel “Jebro” Littleton, and Christian “Heurix” Thomasser will provide commentary for the qualifier events. You can watch the online qualifier live on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel; the event will also be broadcast on language-specific streams.


European Qualifier – August 6

Beginning at 8:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)


  • The Civilized Gentlemen
  • Rank 55 Dragons
  • Vermillion
  • Orange Logo
  • Purple Noise
  • Super Smash

North American Qualifier – August 7

Beginning at 10:00 AM Pacific Time (UTC-7)


  • Team PZ
  • Astral Authority
  • Ez Pz Lemon Squeezy
  • Final Form
  • Never Lucky
  • E-Dream

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