Gherp has crafted The Juggernaut!

lunarknightsCongratulations to Gherp on crafting The Juggernaut! Crafted at 1:20 PM EDT in Lion's Arch.

Gherp-Juggernaut     Gherp-Juggernaut2
  • Drawing the weapon causes the player to be covered in liquid metal. The color of the metal changes depending on:
    • The dye on the player's armor
    • The ambient light
  • Running down its spine is a thermometer shaped tube containing the Vial of Quicksilver used to craft it. The quicksilver shifts in response to the player's swings
  • Swinging the weapon causes it to spill and splash quicksilver.
  • The player also leaves quicksilver drops as they move.
  • The figurine "supporting" the top end of the thermometer is a depiction of the mythical titan Atlas

More images can be seen here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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