Page rank has been added

lkThe Page rank has been introduced. The purpose of this rank is to allow us to show who has not been representing with the guild. If they do not represent with us for one month, they are further demoted to Missing and then are candidates for removal.


  • By the end of each month, if someone has not represented they will be demoted to Page regardless of rank.
  • Every month, if someone has not been seen representing for the entire month, they will be demoted.
  • If a person has been seen representing with us for a few days/one week, they can be upped to Squire.
  • If a Page has not represented with us during the month, they can be demoted to Missing and are set to be kicked at any time.

This is a bit more of a rank to track who is not participating in the guild and the community we have established. Because this is a new rank it will be subject to change and may be fine tuned in the future.

We want to promote activity and participation in the guild. This will allow us to reduce those who never represent with us; which in turn will allow us to have more active, representing members. Newcomers to the guild will see those representing and stick around with us rather than seeing those who do not participate and want to leave.

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