Thordsvin’s Dye Exchange Party

lkTo celebrate the April 2014 Feature Pack, Thordsvin will be hosting a party for all LK members, which will include: a dye exchange, Asuran momma Joke contest, riddles, trivia, and music.

Tuesday, April 15, 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific (the same time we run guild missions)

Dye Exchange
The dye exchange will consist of 3 rounds (one for each rarity of dye.) Each round will consist of 2 halves. During the first half, anyone with extra dyes may exchange a dye 1:1 for any dye of the same rarity they need for their accounts wardrobe. During the second half, anyone who still needs dyes of that rarity will be able to choose a dye draft style until either all dyes are gone or everyone has filled their wardrobe. Any leftover dyes will be thrown into the Mystic Forge for the next round. The Third round (rare dyes) will be a special round. Any exchanges will be negotiated individually, and the leftover will be given out through various games described below.

Asuran Momma Jokes
Come up with you best Asuran quip and you could win some rare dyes. Everyone will take turns making their best insults and the winner will be selected by a panel of judges.

Thordsvin loves his riddles, and hopefully you do too, because who ever is able to solve them the fastest will receive a rare dye. Each riddle will be read by Mumble’s lovely text-to-speech voice and all answers should be give in guild chat for easy review.

Tarun’s Trivia Time
Tarun will bring back his famous trivia to help give away my famous dye collection. Questions will be gaming related, but not necessarily Guild Wars related.

Battle of the Bards
Bring your instruments and your skills and prepare for battle! Our panel of judges will be awarding prizes to the best (and worst) musicians in Lunar Knights. Please sign up below.

What to bring
Save any unidentified dyes to bring to the party. Most events will be run on the LK mumble server, so you will need to use mumble to participate. The location will be chosen closer to patch day.

Donations of unidentified/rare dyes or potential prizes can be mailed to Thordsvin with the subject: Party Donation. You may also include a note to say which party game you want the prizes given away with.


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