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Borderlands Bloodlust in World vs. World

Greetings! We are excited to introduce you all to the new and improved Borderlands maps and the Borderlands Bloodlust buff. As part of our continuing efforts to introduce new and interesting mechanics for WvW, and as part of our ramp-up for the inaugural WvW season, we have replaced the lake in the center of the Borderlands maps with Ruins of Power. We wanted to...

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Bul Guthrum has crafted Howler!

Congratulations to Bul Guthrum on crafting Howler! The user's body is coated in a fog aura. The user leaves foggy footprints. With each horn skill, the wolf's head howls and makes a faint howling sound. A moon also illuminates in the crescent of the horn, and sparkles appear around it. At nighttime, the moon and sparkles will appear by default, but certain skills will...

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Check Out the ESL Guild Wars 2 Opening Cup Finals this Sunday!

Watch the epic conclusion of the ESL Guild Wars 2 Opening Cup finals live on Twitch TV on Sunday, Sept 15. Three teams of seasoned Guild Wars 2 PvP players have fought hard to reach this stage, and on Sunday, somebody is walking away with the title! First, Team Pugging will take on Doppler’s Effect at 20:00 CEST in a heated match that will determine who moves on...

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Super Boom Box and More in the Gem Store!

This week, the Black Lion Trading Company is proud to bring you everything you need to go back to school in style! We’ve got a portable music player, a brand-new backpack cover, and super savings on Black Lion Chest Keys! Read the source article

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Prepare for Tequatl Rising – New Content Begins September 17!

Tequatl the Sunless has been gathering its strength in preparation for new attacks of unmatched deadliness. Soon, the blight of the Splintered Coast will begin unleashing its newfound power and fury, and heroes will need to band together with old friends and new allies to keep it in check. Evil has evolved—will you answer the call to fight it? Learn more! Read the source...

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Welcome to World vs. World Season 1

I’m excited to introduce a major change to World vs. World, a World vs. World season! Starting on October 4th and running seven weeks through November 21st. We love WvW at ArenaNet and we are excited to bring a brand new concept to the game: a season of WvW matchups. The basic idea is similar to a sporting season. We’ve broken the NA region...

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Short Story: Shadowbox

The energy beams over the door solidified, separating Moto from his lab once and for all. He stood in the streets of Rata Sum in the driving rain. The container holding his meager belongings sagged from the downpour. All he had left after two years of collaboration was reduced to his box of possessions. He felt himself shrink and fade in the rain, as...

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A Message from Queen Jennah

Citizens and Friends of Kryta, Though my closing ceremonies speech was interrupted by Scarlet Briar, I feel I said all that needed to be said. Our collective response to that unprovoked attack demonstrates humanity’s resilience far better than any words I might have used. The time for speeches is past: it’s time for action. For driving Scarlet and her minions out of Divinity’s Reach,...

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Super Items in the Gem Store!

The Super Adventure Box has returned to Rata Sum! Here at the Black Lion Trading Company, we value innovation – and we value the education of the youth of today. To show our support for Moto’s edu-tainment engineering, we’re offering you some super new items! Read the source article

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Release Notes for Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Moto’s Super Adventure Box is once again open for business in Rata Sum! Enter Tyria’s first and best virtual reality simulator and prepare to get schooled! The revolutionary edu-tainment experiment has all-new levels and modes—and of course, all-new rewards! LIVING WORLD Super Adventure Box: Back to School Moto is back with the next installment of his hit entertainment-education hybrid. Find him in Rata Sum...