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Short Story: Shadowbox

The energy beams over the door solidified, separating Moto from his lab once and for all. He stood in the streets of Rata Sum in the driving rain. The container holding his meager belongings sagged from the downpour. All he had left after two years of collaboration was reduced to his box of possessions. He felt himself shrink and fade in the rain, as...

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A Message from Queen Jennah

Citizens and Friends of Kryta, Though my closing ceremonies speech was interrupted by Scarlet Briar, I feel I said all that needed to be said. Our collective response to that unprovoked attack demonstrates humanity’s resilience far better than any words I might have used. The time for speeches is past: it’s time for action. For driving Scarlet and her minions out of Divinity’s Reach,...

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Super Items in the Gem Store!

The Super Adventure Box has returned to Rata Sum! Here at the Black Lion Trading Company, we value innovation – and we value the education of the youth of today. To show our support for Moto’s edu-tainment engineering, we’re offering you some super new items! Read the source article

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Release Notes for Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Moto’s Super Adventure Box is once again open for business in Rata Sum! Enter Tyria’s first and best virtual reality simulator and prepare to get schooled! The revolutionary edu-tainment experiment has all-new levels and modes—and of course, all-new rewards! LIVING WORLD Super Adventure Box: Back to School Moto is back with the next installment of his hit entertainment-education hybrid. Find him in Rata Sum...

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Your Study Guide to Super Adventure Box: Back to School

Hello, Super Adventurers! Once again the platform puzzle professor known as Moto has re-opened the doors of the Super Adventure Box creation, with all-new additions! You’ve got four whole weeks to explore the Super Adventure Box, but don’t delay—this time Moto has added World 2 and Tribulation Mode to the curriculum! Here’s a quick guide to get you started! Visit Scenic World 2 In...

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Economy Report: Brace Yourself, Disequilibrium is Coming

Hey everyone, it’s John Smith, ArenaNet’s resident economist. I want to speak this week on some of our up-and-coming content changes and how they’ll affect you as a player. We have two major changes coming: Account magic find Ascended crafting First off, let’s explain the new systems coming in. Account Magic Find In the past, players had to sacrifice some of their stats to...

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Guild Wars 2: The First Year

So much has happened in the past twelve months that sometimes it’s hard for me to believe that it was just one year ago today that we launched Guild Wars 2 in North America and Europe. Creating Guild Wars 2 was an enormous undertaking — two hundred developers working for five years — but releasing it was even more so. You may have heard it said that “building a successful...

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Get Ready for Super Adventure Box: Back to School!

After months of hard work, Moto has made more progress on his Super Adventure Box! In addition to all of the original content from the Super Adventure Box’s debut, players will have access to whole new worlds, items, and challenges. Prepare to put your jumping, fighting, and critical thinking skills to the ultimate test! Learn more! Read the source article

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New! The SteelSeries Guild Wars 2 Gaming Keyboard

Our partners at SteelSeries, world-class creators of gaming peripherals, have made a specially designed gaming keyboard for Guild Wars  2 that is worthy of the most demanding MMO players. The Guild Wars  2 Gaming Keyboard features a visually stunning design, vibrant red illumination, raised macro keys, a fully customizable keyboard, and more. Learn more about this state of the art gaming keyboard right here. Read the...

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Gherp has crafted The Juggernaut!

Congratulations to Gherp on crafting The Juggernaut! Crafted at 1:20 PM EDT in Lion's Arch.     Drawing the weapon causes the player to be covered in liquid metal. The color of the metal changes depending on: The dye on the player's armor The ambient light Running down its spine is a thermometer shaped tube containing the Vial of Quicksilver used to craft it....