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Short Story: What Scarlet Saw

Professor Omadd, Headmaster Emeritus of the College of Synergetics, anxiously twisted his ear as he waited for the sylvari woman to wake. She had been thrashing violently in the isolation module for days now, crying out random syllables and howling in…pain? Ecstasy? Omadd wasn’t sure. Even a genius of his caliber could only guess what was happening inside that leafy green head. Omadd clenched...

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ArenaNet Offers Free Trial of Guild Wars 2 and Releases New Heroic Edition

ArenaNet, developer of the smash hit Guild Wars 2, commemorates a record-breaking first year with a free trial of their critically acclaimed game on August 23-25, 2013. The Seattle-area studio has also released the Guild Wars 2 Heroic Edition, which includes the base game with the Heroic Pack, which is loaded with useful digital items for new players. The free trial, which is open to all players in...

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Meet the GW2 PvP Invitational Tournament Teams

Car Crash – Europe Regional Champions Strategies: Car Crash employed a tactic of concentrated force during the Qualifiers, using 4 players to tie down the opposition in a team fight while their engineer captured side nodes. A Well-Oiled Machine: Going into the tournament, Car Crash felt confident. The team did well in scrimmage matches against top teams, which helped prepare them for the intense...

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ArenaNet Panelists at PAX Prime and PAX Dev

Hi, everyone. Last week we announced our Guild Wars 2 First Anniversary Bash, which takes place at the Renaissance Hotel on Saturday, August 31 during PAX Prime weekend. That’s not all we’ve got going on that weekend! A number of ArenaNet staffers will speak on different panels at PAX Dev and over the weekend at PAX Prime. Head over to the PAX Dev and PAX websites...

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Thordsvin has acquired Mjölnir!

Congratulations to Thordsvin on acquiring Mjölnir! In Norse mythology, Mjölnir is the hammer of Thor, the god of thunder. More images can be seen here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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Check Out This Week’s New Gem Store Items!

Scarlet’s recent interruption on the celebration at Divinity’s Reach has some people feeling pretty low – but even in the worst of times, the Black Lion Trading Company is here for you! Treat yourself to a pick-me-up with our new Minis 3-Pack Set 2, lose your worries in the action of WvW, reinvent your look with a new Zodiac weapon, or borrow some of...

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Clockwork Chaos Release Notes

Queen Jennah’s jubilee celebration continues in Divinity’s Reach. The Queen is preparing to address her subjects and the dignitaries from other cities – but someone else has plans for the Queen’s speech! LIVING WORLD Clockwork Chaos The nefarious villain, Scarlet Briar, has made herself known to Tyria! Chaos ensues as she unleashes her clockwork minions across the world! Closing Ceremony Witness the high point...

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Clockwork Chaos Guide

Emissaries and citizens are gathered in Divinity’s Reach, but someone else has plans for the Queen’s speech! NOTE: At the beginning of this release, the Crown Pavilion will become temporarily unavailable. Upon completing the storyline for this release, you will be able to access the Pavilion for the rest of this release period, along with all the features and achievements contained within. Upon entering...

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Register Today for the Guild Wars 2 Free Trial on August 23-25

From August 23-25, you can experience the living, ever-changing world of Tyria and see for yourself why Guild Wars 2 is the fastest selling MMO in history.* All you need to do to play Guild Wars 2 for free August 23-25 is create a free trial account, verify your email address, and download the game client. The Guild Wars 2 free trial begins at 12:01 AM PDT on Friday, August...

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Sign Up Today for the ESL Guild Wars 2 Opening Cup!

To kick-off the addition of Guild Wars 2 PvP to the Electronic Sports League, our friends at ESL are hosting the Guild Wars 2 Opening Cup starting on August 17. The first match begins shortly after 11am PST (8pm CEST) on August 17. Sign-ups are now open, so register your team today! To learn more, visit the ESL site: Read the source article