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Bul Guthrum has crafted Howler!

Congratulations to Bul Guthrum on crafting Howler! The user's body is coated in a fog aura. The user leaves foggy footprints. With each horn skill, the wolf's head howls and makes a faint howling sound. A moon also illuminates in the crescent of the horn, and sparkles appear around it. At nighttime, the moon and sparkles will appear by default, but certain skills will...

lunar knights logo with background

Another Dungeon Master: Bul Guthrum

Congratulations to Bul Guthrum, who, thanks to Reka's story dungeon weekend (and the pile of gothy lumber in Twilight Arbor that called itself the Nightmare Court before he chopped them down), is now a Dungeon Master! He is the third in the guild to achieve this rank and prove his dominance over every form of PvE content Arenanet can devise. Here's hoping we have...