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September 2014 Feature Pack: Improvements Galore

Hello, everybody, I’m Isaiah Cartwright, the lead game designer on Guild Wars 2. I’m going to be introducing you to three of the changes to Guild Wars 2 coming up in the September 2014 Feature Pack. Dungeon Instance Owner We’ve changed the way dungeon instances work. Currently, the instance is “owned” by the first person to enter the instance; this creates some issues when that person leaves or...

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Dungeon Rewards

To reach these goals, we’ve made a few tweaks to the way dungeon completion is rewarded. Moving forward, the full reward for individual dungeon paths will be on a one-day timer, making it more lucrative to run multiple paths than repeating a single path. This should also increase the rewards for people who only do one dungeon a day. Story dungeons will award 50...

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Another Dungeon Master: Bul Guthrum

Congratulations to Bul Guthrum, who, thanks to Reka's story dungeon weekend (and the pile of gothy lumber in Twilight Arbor that called itself the Nightmare Court before he chopped them down), is now a Dungeon Master! He is the third in the guild to achieve this rank and prove his dominance over every form of PvE content Arenanet can devise. Here's hoping we have...