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Taimi’s Dye Kit and New Permanent Gathering Tools in the Gem Store!

New—Taimi’s Dye Kit Conventional wisdom may say that bright colors belong in the spring, but true fashion is always in style. Update your wardrobe with Taimi’s Dye Kit, which will grant you one of 25 dyes, six of which are exclusive, brilliant colors! Read the source article

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Mini Chieftain Utahein and Mini Svanir in the Gem Store

Black Lion Chest Updates The inventory of Black Lion Chests has undergone some changes. You won’t find Scrolls of Knowledge or Essences of Luck anymore, but you will have a higher chance of finding Black Lion Claim Tickets and Black Lion Claim Ticket Scraps. We’ve also added in items like the Utility Primer; Medium, Large, and Heavy Crafting Bags; and exclusive Dye Packs like the...

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Thordsvin’s Dye Exchange Party

To celebrate the April 2014 Feature Pack, Thordsvin will be hosting a party for all LK members, which will include: a dye exchange, Asuran momma Joke contest, riddles, trivia, and music. When Tuesday, April 15, 9 PM Eastern/6 PM Pacific (the same time we run guild missions) Dye Exchange The dye exchange will consist of 3 rounds (one for each rarity of dye.) Each...

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Dyes in the New Account Wardrobe

With the new Wardrobe system changing the way you interact with your gear’s appearance, we felt that this was the perfect time to introduce some updates to the dye system. In the April 2014 Feature Pack, dyes will be getting a significant overhaul. Check out the changes we’re planning to make below! Dyes as Account Unlocks …these changes will make dyes more accessible and...