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Points of Interest Episode 3

Entanglement is live Guild Wars 2, and we’re ready to talk it over on Points of Interest! Our host Kate Welch is joined by writer Peter Fries, environment artist Tami Foote, and Environment Design Specialist Josh Foreman for Episode 3–and they have a lot to cover. Entanglement, player-created projects, reader questions from MMORPG.com’s Bill Murphy, and what’s coming to Guild Wars 2 next are all up for discussion....

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Release Notes for Entanglement

The adventure in Dry Top continues with Entanglement, the second episode of Living World Season 2! The lethal vines that have been plaguing the Brisban Wildlands have begun to spread, and they’re bringing never-before-seen evil with them! Take a stand alongside your fellow heroes against the ancient, growing threat. Log in today to unlock free, permanent access to the Entanglement story! Read more on...