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Pact Fleet Survival Pack, Black Lion Chest Update, and End-of-Season Sale Continues in the Gem Store!

Mini Kasmeer and New Rare Home-Instance Gathering Nodes Each Black Lion Chest has a very rare chance to drop nodes for mithril ore, platinum ore, ancient wood logs, and Orrian truffles. Permanently unlock these resource nodes in your home instance! Additionally, each Black Lion Chest now has a rare chance to drop a Miniature Kasmeer Meade in full armor. Read the source article

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Preview of Upcoming Balance Changes

The January 27 release will bring a number of general balance and profession changes to Tyria. We’d like to take a few moments to give some context to those changes and explain why some things are being changed in the ways that they are. General Changes: Might Might is an exceptionally strong boon, currently providing a total of 875 power and condition damage if...