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Bul Guthrum has crafted Howler!

Congratulations to Bul Guthrum on crafting Howler! The user's body is coated in a fog aura. The user leaves foggy footprints. With each horn skill, the wolf's head howls and makes a faint howling sound. A moon also illuminates in the crescent of the horn, and sparkles appear around it. At nighttime, the moon and sparkles will appear by default, but certain skills will...

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Gherp has crafted The Juggernaut!

Congratulations to Gherp on crafting The Juggernaut! Crafted at 1:20 PM EDT in Lion's Arch.     Drawing the weapon causes the player to be covered in liquid metal. The color of the metal changes depending on: The dye on the player's armor The ambient light Running down its spine is a thermometer shaped tube containing the Vial of Quicksilver used to craft it....

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Tarun has crafted The Flameseeker Prophecies!

Congratulations to Tarun on crafting The Flameseeker Prophecies! Crafted at 11:45 PM EDT in Lion’s Arch. Tarun wants to thank everyone who helped with donating T6 mats to get those final Gifts finished, too! The text on the “book” of the shield is New Krytan and verbatim of Meerak the Shouter’s quotes in ‘’Guild Wars’’. The Flameseeker Prophecies contains motifs along the edges and...