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Win a Legendary Weapon in Tournament of Legends 2!

We’re proud to announce that Tournament of Legends 2 will be starting soon! Like the original Tournament of Legends, this is an opportunity for you and your team to not only demonstrate your battle prowess but also to win the ultimate prize, a legendary weapon! That’s right: every playing member of the winning team will receive a legendary weapon of their choice! If your...

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Prepare for the North American Tournament of Legends

Congratulations to the Civilized Gentlemen, winners of the European Tournament of Legends! It’s not over yet though; the North American Tournament of Legends starts tomorrow! Join John “Blu” Mullen and Will “Sireph” Abreu tomorrow, May 3, at 16:00 EDT (UTC -4) as they stream the North American Tournament of Legends on the official Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel. They’ll be commentating on the action as 64 teams from...

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Tournament of Legends Sign Ups Now Open

Sign-ups for the Guild Wars 2 Tournament of Legends are now open! Make sure to check out the original Tournament of Legends blog post to see the exact times of when the tournament will be starting, as well as some clarification on the substitutes rule. To sign your team up for the Tournament of Legends, go right here. This page and tournament is hosted by Mistpedia.net....