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New Halloween Items in the Gem Store!

Halloween is fast approaching, and the Mad King’s lunatic influence is seeping into Tyria! Lion’s Arch is decorated in its spooky finest, children are running amok and begging for sweets, and the Mad King’s Realm is open for business! Read on to learn all about this week’s tricks and treats from the Black Lion Trading Company! Read the source article

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A Guide to Blood and Madness

Halloween has returned to Tyria, along with the Mad King—but a new menace has emerged to threaten both the Mad Realm and our world! Magister Tassi needs your help to keep everyone alive long enough to enjoy Tyria’s annual spooky celebration! Upon logging into Guild Wars 2, you’ll receive an email from Magister Tassi of the Durmand Priory. She’s in urgent need of assistance in containing...

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Blood and Madness – New Halloween Content Begins October 15!

As Halloween approaches, children are pulling out their trick or treat costumes and everyone is stocking up on candy. The barrier between realms is weakening, and the citizens of Kryta are wary of the return of Mad King Thorn. Magister Tassi is picking up unusual energy readings from the ruins of the Nolani Academy—a shadow from the Mad King’s past is about to rise...