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WvW Spring 2014 Tournament

On October 18, 2013, we began the inaugural season of World vs. World. Over the seven weeks of the season, some of the fiercest battles WvW has ever seen erupted across the Mists, and victors were crowned in glory. In the months since, we have seen the introduction of a brand-new, permanently accessible field of battle, the Edge of the Mists, and with it...

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Zombies, MegaLasers, and More in the Gem Store!

Travelers with an aversion to death and disease have been warned to stay away from the Splintered Coast, as Tequatl the Sunless appears to be more vicious than ever before. For those daring adventurers among you who seek out such perils, the Black Lion Trading Company has everything you need! This week we’ve got miniature undead minions, a hot new permanent finisher, a portable...

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Get Ready for Super Adventure Box: Back to School!

After months of hard work, Moto has made more progress on his Super Adventure Box! In addition to all of the original content from the Super Adventure Box’s debut, players will have access to whole new worlds, items, and challenges. Prepare to put your jumping, fighting, and critical thinking skills to the ultimate test! Learn more! Read the source article