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Pact Fleet Survival Pack, Black Lion Chest Update, and End-of-Season Sale Continues in the Gem Store!

Mini Kasmeer and New Rare Home-Instance Gathering Nodes Each Black Lion Chest has a very rare chance to drop nodes for mithril ore, platinum ore, ancient wood logs, and Orrian truffles. Permanently unlock these resource nodes in your home instance! Additionally, each Black Lion Chest now has a rare chance to drop a Miniature Kasmeer Meade in full armor. Read the source article

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New Mail Carrier Customization, Exciting Updates to Black Lion Chests, and More in the Gem Store!

Rare Home-Instance Gathering Nodes Each Black Lion Chest has a chance to drop rare orichalcum, elder wood, omnomberry, snow truffle, and lotus nodes for your home instance. Use these rare items to unlock nodes in your home instance permanently or sell them to the highest bidder on the Black Lion Trading Post! These nodes can be harvested once daily per account. Read the source...

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The Final Countdown

What mysterious rewards are hidden within the depths of the Ultimate Citizen’s Rescue Bag for those who defeat Scarlet’s Prime Hologram? Heroes in the vanguard of the forces assaulting Scarlet’s airship are finding rare rewards from past releases as well as brand-new treasures! Destroy Scarlet’s defenses on the Breachmaker to free Lion’s Arch and win a chance at rich rewards like the Molten Jetpack,...