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Belinda’s Greatsword, Ceremonial Plated Armor, and More in the Gem Store!

NPC Weapons We’re bringing back some weapon skins that you all know and love: Marjory’s Axe and Dagger skins, Kasmeer’s Staff skin, Rox’s Quiver and Bow skins, and Braham’s Shield and Mace skins. These are back in stock for a limited time only, so unlock them for your Account Wardrobe while they last! Read the source article

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Fancy New Items in the Gem Store!

New Armor Skins! We’re dedicated to keeping you in style! That’s why we’re proud to unveil our new Braham’s, Magitech, and Phoenix Armor Skins – one stunning new look for each armor class! Stop by the Style category of the Black Lion Trading Company to preview these new armor skins. Read the source article