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Release Notes for the Nightmares Within

Are you ready to enter the Tower of Nightmares that’s spreading evil through Kessex Hills? Now that a way inside has been found, it’s time to storm the tower and attempt to put an end to its toxic growth. LIVING WORLD The Nightmares Within The way is open. The bravest are entering the Tower of Nightmares and confronting scores of powerful enemies. Toxins in...

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Release Notes for Tower of Nightmares

Marjory Delaqua and Kasmeer Meade have found a way to pierce the veil protecting the krait in Kessex Hills! When the illusion falls, brave heroes need to be nearby to deal with the krait—and whatever inside their Tower of Nightmares! LIVING WORLD Tower of Nightmares What happens when the evil agendas of the krait and the Nightmare Court align? The answer can be found...