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Adorable New Items in the Gem Store!

New—Lovestruck Weapons! Love is in the air! Our talented weaponsmiths have lovingly crafted a brand-new set of heart-themed Lovestruck weapons! Collect claim tickets from Black Lion chests and trade them into Weapons Specialists for these fancy new skins. Read the source article

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New Gathering Items in the Gem Store!

Price Change –Dreamthistle Weapons Get ‘em while they’re cheap! For just one more week, the lovely Dreamthistle weaponset will be available at its introductory price of one claim ticket per skin. Get tickets from Black Lion Chests, and visit a Black Lion Weapons Specialist to pick out a skin! Read the source article

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Welcome to the Anniversary Sale!

It’s been quite a year for the Black Lion Trading Company. To celebrate, I’m putting on a huge 10-day sale! Each day we’ll be introducing a popular item from the last year of business. As an added bonus, I’m also going to be supplying my Black Lion Weapons Specialists with some weapons from the past year – these weapons will be available even after...