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Wintersday Contest Winners Announcement

With the Wintersday season gone, it’s now time for us to reveal the five winners of the Wintersday contest we announced on December 10. But before that, we’d like to thank the 15 fan sites that collaborated with us and congratulate each and every participant who submitted an entry. The winners selected by the fansites: First place: Plume receives a signed Guild Wars 2 art book,...

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Wintersday Contest and Giveaway

Hello, Tyrians! As days grow shorter and darker, our friend Ho-Ho-Tron and I- Correction: This-unit-has-been-designated-as-Replica-Ho-Ho-Tron-by-the-Consortium-to-cash-in-on-*BZZT*-continue-the-altruistic-work-of-my-predecessor. Right. Can I call you Ho-Ho-Tron for short? Great. So, as I was saying, Ho-Ho-Tron and I would like to share some Wintersday activities that your favorite fansites have been preparing. Wintersday Window Decoration Contest Take part in Wintersday revelry by entering the Wintersday Window Decoration Contest before January...